Kivio usability survey

Are you using kivio and care about usability? Here's the survey for you.

For more info see the post by el


Good and bad things

Ok let's start with the bad news... As of Wednesday I'll be unemployed :( so if you know someone who wants to hire a KOffice devel send him my way. :)

Now for the good news... I'm sort of back working on konversation again. And hein (who?) and company has made a fabulous job getting it in shape for a release early next week. A lot of cool changes to look forward to for the people not following svn trunk religously... don't we all? :) So what's new?
  • To start with the tab bar have gotten an overhaul and don't have leds by default anymore, you can still enabled them though...
  • Which brings us to the next improvement, the leds themselfs which now have configurable colors.
  • The server list dialog now shows the different servers contained in the networks.
That's just a few changes from the top of my head there are ofcourse more and also many bug fixes.


Kivio in SVN

For some reason the last few weeks have seen some pretty productive Kivio development from my side... must be something in the air. :)

Anyway the most obvious change is the new text edit dialog that is capable of changing the font, alignment and color of the text. It is also able to set different settings for different textboxes in the same stencil.
The usability people (Hi Ellen :)) wanted the stencilbar to behave more like the other tools so now you can add a stencil by selecting it and then clicking on the canvas. Click and hold will resize it before inserting it. Ofcourse you can still drag and drop the stencils like before if you want to.
I've also added a stencil set chooser that should hopefuly make it easier to find that particular stencil set you didn't know existed. It's reachable from the Add Stencil Set menu.
Oh I've also added a object palette that shows all objects on the page. It's still pretty limited but you can at least use it to select the different objects.

Happy new year to everybody!



I don't think I'll ever get a prize for the most frequent blogger... :) But here comes another one.

My kivio core rewrite is going slow so it won't be in KOffice 1.5. What will be there though is the new start up widget which I and ThomasZ have implemented.

Kivio has also gotten some minor changes, biggest among them is that it uses the same palettes as krita and karbon now.


aKademy (a summary)

I decided to follow the flow and do a summary of my doings at aKademy.

I found the developer conference interesting and informative. The Aaron/Waldo show on KDE marketing was the most entertaining talk about marketing I've seen. :)
I spent the biggest part of the hacking marathon being at the usability talks and workshops. I think this is where I learnt the most at this conference.
Cartman and me got together with holehan and tina from openusability and had a look at konversation. We spent most of the time trying to come up with a good solution for the network/server settings dialogs. It's a hard nut to crack but I think we have some ideas that should work.
All my coding time has been focused on getting kivio closer to actually work again. I come a few small steps closer but there is still lots of things to do.



It took almost all day but I'm finally in Malaga. Seems like a nice place... it's about twice as warm as in sweden which is a big plus. :)


KOffice 1.4 is out... time to start breaking things again

As I had a bit of a low period in my Kivio development during the 1.4 developement time there might be a bit fewer new features then expected, otoh it has very few known bugs. :) The biggest change in Kivio 1.4 is the new polyline connector.

My current project is to clean up the painting code in preperation for OpenDoc and Qt 4 support. When that is done I plan to split the loading and saving code away from the core of the app and make the core more format independent. The current format requires that the person viewing a Kivio document have all the stencils used when creating the document. This is also reflected in the design of how the stencils is handled in Kivio which makes it very hard to support any sane format (ie any other format then the current ;)) at the moment.
So the current plan is to make Kivio format independent for the next release and implement OpenDoc support for the release after that...