aKademy (a summary)

I decided to follow the flow and do a summary of my doings at aKademy.

I found the developer conference interesting and informative. The Aaron/Waldo show on KDE marketing was the most entertaining talk about marketing I've seen. :)
I spent the biggest part of the hacking marathon being at the usability talks and workshops. I think this is where I learnt the most at this conference.
Cartman and me got together with holehan and tina from openusability and had a look at konversation. We spent most of the time trying to come up with a good solution for the network/server settings dialogs. It's a hard nut to crack but I think we have some ideas that should work.
All my coding time has been focused on getting kivio closer to actually work again. I come a few small steps closer but there is still lots of things to do.


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