Kivio in SVN

For some reason the last few weeks have seen some pretty productive Kivio development from my side... must be something in the air. :)

Anyway the most obvious change is the new text edit dialog that is capable of changing the font, alignment and color of the text. It is also able to set different settings for different textboxes in the same stencil.
The usability people (Hi Ellen :)) wanted the stencilbar to behave more like the other tools so now you can add a stencil by selecting it and then clicking on the canvas. Click and hold will resize it before inserting it. Ofcourse you can still drag and drop the stencils like before if you want to.
I've also added a stencil set chooser that should hopefuly make it easier to find that particular stencil set you didn't know existed. It's reachable from the Add Stencil Set menu.
Oh I've also added a object palette that shows all objects on the page. It's still pretty limited but you can at least use it to select the different objects.

Happy new year to everybody!


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