Good and bad things

Ok let's start with the bad news... As of Wednesday I'll be unemployed :( so if you know someone who wants to hire a KOffice devel send him my way. :)

Now for the good news... I'm sort of back working on konversation again. And hein (who?) and company has made a fabulous job getting it in shape for a release early next week. A lot of cool changes to look forward to for the people not following svn trunk religously... don't we all? :) So what's new?
  • To start with the tab bar have gotten an overhaul and don't have leds by default anymore, you can still enabled them though...
  • Which brings us to the next improvement, the leds themselfs which now have configurable colors.
  • The server list dialog now shows the different servers contained in the networks.
That's just a few changes from the top of my head there are ofcourse more and also many bug fixes.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger AndrĂ© Somers said...

I believe I heard a TT employee mention that they are looking for new people... Maybe something for you?

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